Sunday, 6 October 2013

Season's End

So, we finally reach the season's end, much later than almost everyone else, and all the better for it.  The outcome?

Won   16
Winning Draw     1
Losing Draw     1
Lost   17
Cancelled by Us     2
Cancelled by Them     2
Cancelled by God     3

Still slightly in deficit, but so much better than last year, when we managed only 7 wins versus 18 losses and 15 cancellations of one sort or another (mostly washed out).

Thanks very much to Alan Kilford for arranging the fixtures this year and to the skippers - Lyn, Alan (again!), Jim and Cormac for getting the sides together and organising us on the pitch (harder than it sounds).  Also, of course, to Butty and Jon for preparing some excellent wickets, even towards the end of the season there was no shortage of bounce and carry, despite a little rain.


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