Monday, 21 May 2012

Now That’s What You Call Pressure

If Drogba thought he was under a bit of pressure (as did the watching audience of 250 million), then he ought to come and bat for Whitchurch when we’re 6 wickets down and he’s just realised that he’s filled the tea urn but forgotten to switch it on.

In a magnificent rear-guard action, the tail batted through the last hour to ensure that the urn had time to boil and tea was as perfect as always – as a small aside the tail also added an invaluable 70 runs, with Lyn finishing on 46 not out, so that Whitchurch could enjoy their tea on 144 for 9. Thereafter Whitchurch exerted pressure through all their bowlers and in the field, taking 5 wickets and all their catches, but unfortunately couldn’t dislodge the Woodcote No 3 until after he’d scored a fluent 60+.

Woodcote eventually ran out winners by 5 wickets. Thanks for the ‘perfect’ tea to Teresa.


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