Match Report vs Reading University Alumni, with long lost golf photo


So, for a second week in a row, we nearly came to blows! A feisty competitive encounter where WCC won the toss and batted first on a hard wicket. Good knocks by Woody, Andy M and Cormac saw WCC to 168 all out. Whereas last week we had a very quick bowler the likes of which we hadn’t seen for years at WCC - this week he was usurped by someone even quicker!  and it was this bowler who got into the altercation with Woody when he bowled him a very quick bouncer that Woody was able to deflect away from his chin with his gloves - this was close! and led to Woody putting  a helmet on! (Not many bowlers have done that!) The ensuing situation led to handbags at 10 paces with their slip and Cormac ( who was umpire) trading niceties!


They had a good bowling side and on a very good wicket with the ball coming on we always reckoned we were 30 runs short. The Reading reply started quickly 1 opener acted as an anchor whereas their other opener ( first team league player for Sulhampstead) went for it, and it felt that when they were 50 or so after 8 overs they were getting ahead. Franky produced a great ball to get rid of their good batter  and WCC had a glimmer ,but the damage was done and further consolidation by their middle order meant that they got home easily in the end by 7 wickets with 4 overs left.


Andy Heard, Grogie, Andy M, Franky and Scooby bowled well but they were a good batting side, and the pitch was a belter ( well dome Jon) We were a bowler short in reality today and the batting was 30 runs down on where we should have been . We kissed and made up with the oppo having a nice beer on the ground afterwards - we were all happy to hear that Tommo’s knee op went well and yes Tommo we missed you !!!