Monday, 3 September 2012

Lost And Found At Wellington College

Crowthorne, batting first, amassed 153 for 8 in their alotted 40 overs on a difficult slow turner:

  • Andy M. found some luck (I'm glad I wasn't out to either of those two lbw decisions!!);
  • Nick T found some rhythm;
  • Mark B. found some turn;
  • Lyn lost his head in not running out the opener but Charlie V. kept his when running the same guy out at the other end;
  • Closey found he'd forgotten how to bowl but Floody suddenly remembered he could;
  • Higgsy found out what the big gloves on his hands were for;
  • Jon, in a style reminiscent of Tom Daley, found he could dive (making a few great stops at gully);
  • Cormac found inner peace in the field (rarely seen!!); and,
  • Vaughanie remained lost in the big field thinking about his duck (and three catches) from the previous day.

An excellent tea and then it was Whitchurch's turn with the bat. 
  • Andy M. lost all his previous luck and found the fielder(0 for 1);
  • Vaughanie found the middle of the bat, as did Closey, before losing their stumps (63 - 3);
  • John lost his patience and skied one (66 - 4);
  • Higgsy, in a Damascan fashion (two unexplained miracles on the same day!!), found out what the piece of wood in his hands was for (pause for smutty chuckles.......);
  • Cormac, having lost his bat for years not only found it but also found it had a middle, putting on 60 with Higgsy before the latter lost his stumps (126 - 5);
  • Charlie V. kept the momentum going and the runs flowing before stepping out to the spinner and getting stumped (134 -6);
  • Cormac's heroics ended when he lost his stumps but thankfully only 13 were needed when he did (141 - 7);
  • Floody lost the use of his legs and lost his wicket, when lyn ran him out and found he could run 22yds before Floody had moved (147 - 8);
  • Nick T found the boundary and settled the game with 2 overs to spare (155 - 8);
  • Mark B. found and dusted off his box, pads, gloves and bat, and was primed and ready to go, but sadly the stand-in skipper lost his nerve and failed to run out the no.10 so as to "give everybody a bat".


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