Sunday, 23 September 2012

Satya & Kilford Senior Hold out for Draw

Cold even for September, the brilliant sunshine at Britwell Salome was more than fair compensation as we began another match at the trailing end of the 2012 season.

Fielding first, the opening bowlers of Heard and Shannahan held the scoring in check for the first 20 overs or so, and took a few wickets along the way.  A diving opportunity at midwicket by Heard - it may have looked harder than it actually was - and more catches to Killer, Lyn and Paul V were all held.  The smaller number that went down were all much harder.  John Steward was totally committed behind the stumps, stopping almost everything, and has plenty of opportunity to make this his position next season.

Francis and Killer took over the bowling and kept up the pressure, so that with 30 overs gone the score was only about 110 or so.  But with the tea interval fast approaching, and possibly the best Britwell batsman now at the crease, the run-rate accelerated over the next 14 overs to bring them to 172 for 5.

My paragraph about the next innings is probably best if it's short.  We just didn't kick on at all really.  "Gentleman Nick" ran himself out - pretty hacked off with that, he was.  FX got out by trying to score perhaps a little before he'd played himself in.  Rich Leach, PV, the Williams boys and Jimbo were all going along nicely at one stage, and John struck some mighty blows towards the end; but in the end, no one could score at the 5 /over needed.

At the end, Satya was scoring freely enough after taking the pain killers, but with the last man with him at the crease, he and Killer held out for the draw about 40 behind.

The excellent cask of ale in the clubhouse was drunk freely afterwards, and I doubt it survived the evening!

Andy Heard

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