Saturday, 11 May 2013

From Crazies Hill to Goring

With Crazies Hill unable to get out a side on Sunday, Goring took up the mantle at short notice to entertain Whitchurch.  Unfortunately, so as to show their gentlemanly appreciation to Goring, and not wanting to overstay their welcome, the Whitchurch batsmen (in a regular procession) chose to walk out to the middle, stay long enough to say hello to the opposition and then graciously walk back to the pavilion.

Notwithstanding some excellent bowling from two of Goring’s colts, a score of 110 at tea was woefully below par.  Thank goodness for the strong mustard on the ham sandwiches because after tea Whitchurch (thankfully!!) got competitive.  Whitchurch, led by Andy Heard (3 wickets) and Lyn Williams (5), had Goring reeling at 67 for 9; but, despite a brilliant attempt at a caught and bold (sic) by Toby Staker, were unable to prise out either of the last two batsmen to win the game. Honours even and a beer down the Social Club.


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