Monday, 24 June 2013

We couldn't have been stronger and got hammered!!

It was a good game, played in a very friendly atmosphere, and we just about finished before the rain came.

We made 186 or thereabouts, with Andy Mutepha and Jim Shannahan making half of those between them.  They had some decent opening bats, one of whom just swung through the line very successfully, and another who was a bit cautious at the start but went on to make 80-odd.  Off the first 7 or 8 overs we were about 12 for 2, and they were 60 for 0.  Apart from that, a pretty even game!

Andy H

We couldn't have been stronger and got hammered!!

Batting was seriously difficult when we batted first but we thought that 186 was a good score.  After their pitch-hitter had hit 42 in  the first 7 overs, and they were 60 for nought, we were in trouble.  They only needed 3 an over when ‘20 overs’ was called with 9 wickets in hand.


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