Sunday, 5 October 2014

An October Saturday at Greys Green

After a rainy morning and with drops of wet still lingering in the air, we did finally get under way in a game against old rivals, Greys Green.  This picture, taken about half-an-hour before, doesn't quite convey the chill and dank.  But for sure, without these modest covers which were applied at sunrise by the groundsman, any game would have been most unlikely.

No matter that GG edged the final outcome by 20, which was down to one or two individual performances, it was a good day all round, as I think this team-selfie (the only team-pic from 2014?) courtesy of James Cartwright shows.  Hiding in the back is Anand; and almost hiding in the front is Francis.  I seem to be distracted by something, and Richie Leach must have been elsewhere entirely at the time. Nick, Brian, Alan, Cormac, John, James and John have captured the moment perfectly.

Then we came to the end, till next year.

Andy H

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